From die making to finishing - a complete solution.

Turnkey Finish Solution

Innovacasts offers a complete solution ready to use out of the box. We’re not simply die casting experts – we also offer a full range of finishing services.From grinding to painting, we can complete whatever finishing is necessary to create the ideal part.Our CNC machining centres are equipped with 4th axis technology and automatic pallet changers, which minimizes human interference and produces cost savings we can pass on to you.
Turnkey Finish Solution

Our Finishing Services

Innovacasts' internal prototype processing can provide the best post-processing, including manual finishing, sanding, trimming,drilling and tapping. We also provide various professional surface treatments, including laser etching, anodizing,chromating,plating,CNC machining,assembly, etc.
Our Finishing Services

Finishing Services From Certified Suppliers

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Common Post Processing

Contact us to learn more about how Innovacastscan help you with the parts finishing processes outlined below.
Common Post Processing

Machined Finish

Machined parts will have marks that follow the path of the cutting tool. The machined finish is that a smooth surface, created by a machine without polishing work, only needs a little handwork to clear the bur, the part could be finished and delivered quickly soon after off the machine.

The standard machined surface roughness is Ra 3.2-1.6 μm;
The smooth machined surface roughness is Ra 1.6-0.8 μm;
The super-finished surface roughness is Ra 0.8-0.2 μm.
The finishing will increase the cost of producing a part, as extra machining steps and tighter quality control are required.

Hand Finishing

From de-flashing to gluing, filling, modifying, adding inserts, pre-fitting, measuring, and assembling, our handcraft specialists focus on every engineering detail and design specification.All post-processing is created in-house, but our team can also work with client-supplied components to finish and assemble as needed, include mating and fitting parts. Normally, this reveals engineering hurdles that are not apparent in CAD design. We will help overcome these challenges, offer solutions and achieve a finished project.

Sanding and Polishing

Smooth sanding can remove machining marks, burrs, machine lines, and adhesive marks on the surface of the parts. The flatness of the part will be improved and roughness will be reduced to create a smooth and uniform look.
High polishing process is used for a mirror finish on normal plastic, metal parts, and clear acrylic and polycarbonate parts, to achieve a precise uniform flat surface and professional-grade gloss, or to enhance the optical clarity of clear parts.

Sanded to 600 grit sandpaper surface finish is Ra 0.8 μm;
Sanded to 1000 grit sandpaper surface finish is Ra 0.4 μm;
Mirror polished and clear polished surface finish is Ra 0.1-0.05 μm.


Bead blasting adds a uniform matte surface finish on a machined part, removing the marks of tool and sandpaper. It is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, or remove surface contaminants. The size of the air pressure and the size of the glass beads are the main process parameters. Glass beads come in different sizes from #80 to #220.