Brass Die Casting

Brass has good resistance to seawater corrosion, making it easy to process and shape. We offer customized services for various brass materials. Please contact us to start customizing!

What is Brass?

Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc that typically has a golden-yellow color but can be closer to red if the alloy has high levels of copper (this is known as “red brass”). Brass is known for its excellent workability, machinability, and antibacterial and anti-biofouling characteristics.

What Are the Applications of Brass?

Brass has a wide range of applications due to its excellent workability, corrosion resistance, and antibacterial properties. Some of these applications are listed below:
• Bullet cartridges
• Pipes
• Musical instruments
• Door handles and hinges
• Gears
• Marine engines
• Tools
• Valves
• Pipe fittings.

One-stop Solution for Brass Parts Casting

From decorative brass items to heavy duty brass pump parts, from automotive parts to marine boat parts, Innovacasts Brass is able to supply a wide assortment of brass products according to your requirements.

How We Make Your Brass Parts

  • Brass Die Casting

    Innovacasts has 9 die casting machines from 180 tons to 850 tons, processing products with thickness of 1mm to 5mm and weight of 10g to 5kg.Brass die casting always produces the high volum,complicate design at a very low cost. The parts are used in more decoration application than the functional application.

  • Brass Forging

    We mainly apply the brass forging technique to our underwater lighting fixtures,brass plumbing parts and some mechanical parts.Also, We are able to forge lead free brass with no more than 0.25% lead by weight thus, meeting the WaterSense requirements.

  • Brass sand casting

    We still use the sand casting solution in our production because of the large demand of brass lighting parts,which require this technique. According to our customers’ requirements, we can produce large parts/components by sand casting.

  • Brass lost wax casting

    We started to apply brass investment precision casting to our production in 2015 because of the large demand of precision decorative parts from our customers.Our brass precision casting products include items from as small as few grams to as big as 25 pounds.

Why Choose Innovacasts Brass?

  • • No air hole with 50um milling machines
  • • We will give you solution within 24 hours
  • • Production capacity of 10 tons per day
  • • CAD, ODM and 3D printer available
  • • Free tooling for order over 1,000 pcs
  • • 100% inspection before shipment

Industries We Are Serving

From lighting fixtures, home hardware to industrial components, we provide brass casting services to customers from various industries.

Brass Electrical Parts

Innovacasts provides a large range of brass electrical parts and electrical components for different industries.

The brass electrical parts or fittings can be made of Free cutting Brass 319 type or BS 249 type.Size and shape can be customized as per customer’s requirement.Send your CAD drawing today , check how we can help you save your cost.

Brass Auto Parts

Gatonbrass offers many different brass auto parts to automobile industries.Like the Brass Battery Terminals,Brass Auto Set Screw,Brass Auto Fuel Nozzle and so on.

We often custom the brass automobile parts according to clients’ requirements and CAD drawing,we may make them via sand casting,forging or others.

Brass Precision parts

Innovacasts started the turned parts business from precision brass turned parts,and with the 10 years growth, Now we can provide you a one stop solution for all metal precision CNC turning Parts service.We are equipped with 9 CNC machines and a 5-Axis CNC turning center.

As the premier precision turned components manufacturer,we provide our clients a wide range of custom machine parts service.When get your CAD drawing ,our professional engineers will give you the best manufacturing solution within 24 hours.

More Industries

We can not list all industries here because some of our customers’ business secrets. Just send us your CAD drawing and tell us your needs,we will reply you within 24 hours!

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