Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum castings are lightweight and able to withstand the highest operating temperatures of all die cast alloys.

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Why Innovacasts Aluminum Die Casting

• One Stop Die Casting Solution Provider
• Professional Mold flow Analysis -CAE
• In House Die Casting Tooling
• Advanced Die Casting Manufacturing
• Precise CNC Machining
• In House Surface Treatment
• More than 20 years experience in thousands Die Casting Parts for Different Industries

Expert Mold Flow Analysis – CAE

• Expert Mold Flow Analysis – CAE
• Before any physical tooling is made, Innovacasts always proceeds the advanced CAE simulations, to achieve the best mold design.
•Foresee how the molten metal will flow and solidify
•Inside of the die casting part structure optimization
•“Pre-casting” in computer to foresee the potential defects
•Time and cost-saving of the casting tooling design

How we Control Your Parts Quality

Innovacasts has multiple industry certifications and keeps improving the internal quality system to deliver our promise.
CNCA Gov Audit Certification

Die Casting Parts Surface Treatment

There are many Die Casting Parts Surface Treatment processes in house ready for your parts. Includes:


Powder Coating/Painting/

Anodizing/Silk-screen printing…

Aluminum Die Casting Alloy You Can Choose

You can choose a big range of material for your die casting parts from our strict IQC of all the raw material, such as:

• ADC12

• A380

• A356

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

Corrosion Resistance

The aluminum metal material used for die casting extremely resist corrosion. That helps enhance the casting durability made from aluminum metals.

Strength-to-weight Ratio

The aluminum materials feature rigidity but lighter weight. That makes us form a light casting without losing the aluminum strength.

Electrical Conductivity

Also, the aluminum metal type is highly conductive, allowing them to use for applications where thermal transfer and electrical are necessary.

Fully Customizable

The aluminum alloys are easy to customize, making them suitable for various industrial applications. They are easy to form and design even the most complex parts.

Various Grades or Alloy Options

There is a comprehensive range of aluminum alloys or grades available that offer different characteristics.

These extensive alloy options make various manufacturers and customers choose the most suitable ones for their projects.

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Aluminum Die Casting Factors

Here are the three factors we consider when operating an aluminum die casting process.

• Mold Design: Each mold owns a parting line that must be considered by the designer before finishing the design.
• Injection Point Location: The injection point location is the second factor to consider in aluminum die-casting. It is possible to add more injections if wanted. The exact injection point place helps improve the designing cavity.
• Wall Thickness: Innovacasts has automated technology and state-of-the-art equipment, offering no minimum thickness capacity.

Aluminum Die Casting Process

Processing multiple die-cast components made of aluminum in a short amount of time is possible. To create these components, the following steps are taken:

1.To begin, two die halves must be tightly clamped.
2.Then molten aluminum will be injected into the die cavity.
3.The die must be produced from two sections to extrude easily.
4.Depending on the complexity of the casting process, locking is accomplished using a machine with hydraulic cylinders or pressure.
5.For finishing, the injection of melting metal must be done by a die casting machine to have a precise die.

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