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We offer excellent zinc die casting that is widely used in different industries. We offer the best services to support your starting business and projects. We aim to skyrocket your business to make it more successful.

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Make Innovacasts as Your Dependable Zinc Die Casting Provider

Innovacasts has more than 10 years of experience as a professional Zinc Die Casting service provider. Our zinc die-casting is highly demanded by international customers because of its high-quality and reliable performance. All our products are certified by international quality regulations. Source your Zinc Die Casting at Innovacasts!

Why Choose Innovacasts Zinc Die Casting Parts

  • Fewer Failures

    Die casting zinc alloy is tougher and has high fluidity when molten than plastic or aluminum. It features high impact resistance and robustness than its other counterparts.

  • Design Flexibility

    Zinc alloys have great flexibility, allowing them to form and join the materials. Thus, it decreases additional fastener requirements. That achieves better part designs for any application.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Since zinc is fully recyclable, the derivation of die casting techniques can be recast and remelted without deterioration. Zinc alloys have a minimum carbon footprint compared to aluminum.

  • Better Finishes

    Innovacasts provides better surface finishes for your needed parts. Using plating or powder coating treatments, decorative surfaces are achieved with corrosion resistance and high durability.

Zinc Die Casting Tooling Design

In house zinc die casting tooling development, Innovacasts has over 60 engineers to support your zin die casting mold from design to final zinc die casting parts.

You just need to tell us your zinc die casting requirement, or send your CAD drawing directly, Innovacasts team will help you make the mold flow analysis.

Zinc Alloy for Your Casting Parts

Innovacasts often use zinc alloy like Zamac 3, Zamac 5, Zamac 8 to custom your zinc die casting parts. Of course you can tell us any alloy you want for your part, we can use the one you need.

Innovacasts has over 10 years zinc die casting experience, and we will always help you choose the right zinc alloy to custom perfect zinc die casting parts for your business.

Our One-Stop Zinc Die Casting Parts Provider

Innovacasts is trusted zinc die casting components manufacturer that adheres to ISO-9001:2015 quality standards. Along with our professional engineers using advanced die caster and CNC machines, we ensure high-quality yet cost-effective parts supplies. Send us your inquiries, and we will do the rest of the process.

Zinc Die Casting Techniques

Innovacasts performs die-casting techniques, which provide your precise and needed parts for particular applications. Consider the following:

• Hot Chamber Die Casting: This immerses molten zinc inside the metal supporting furnace. And the furnace is connected to the machine using a feeding system or a gooseneck. On this chamber, it produces about four to five shots a minute.
• Cold Chamber Die Casting: The molted zinc cast is spilled into the cylindrical sleeve or cold chamber using a cold chamber die ladle. It has a hydraulically-operated plunger that seals the port and pressures zinc into the die cavities.

Innovacasts- Your Trusted Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

Innovacasts is a reliable manufacturer that provides zinc die casting services and solutions. We produce customized parts for various industrial applications, especially automotive ones. This zinc die-casting process heats raw materials and forms them into valuable products. Our company owns modern equipment, including hot chamber and cold chamber machines, valuable for zinc die casting procedures. We also have professionals inspecting every production process using a real-time X-ray inspection machine. That assures you high-quality, well-manufactured, and satisfying die-casted components.

Feel free to contact our service team right now, right here!

Zinc Die Casting Industrial Applications

Innovacasts manufactures die-casted zinc components, suitable for various industrial applications, such as follows.

• Electronics
• Automotive
• Appliances
• Mechanical Designs
• Home
• Construction
• Leisure sector
• Medical sector
• Architectural

Manufacturing Advantages

The following are the advantages of die-casting zinc alloys. It provides a lighter weight, innovative, and economical products for various industries.

•Robust Parts: Among other materials, zinc alloys are stronger. They can be produced with a thinner wall and minimized material used.
•Tighter Tolerances: We can form high-quality components with tighter tolerances using zinc alloys and design them without expensive machining requirements.
•Fast Production: Die-casting zinc alloys harden the parts quickly. That allows us to manufacture more components in a short time.
•Lasting Tool Life: Zinc molds last about ten times longer than aluminum.

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